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CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement and thank you for choosing the islands of the
Bahamas as the choice destination for your prospective wedding & honeymoon!

As we work together, you will discover why more and more couples are choosing CALYPSO
WEDDINGS to help them to “tie the knot” in the Bahamas.

Weddings vary from grand deluxe to secluded, hideaways, or just the two of you in a
romantic setting.  What is more idyllic than a wedding ceremony followed by a reception
and honeymoon that you have created with the assistance of CALYPSO WEDDINGS?

If it is your hearts desire to say “I do” in the islands of the Bahamas, you may do so after a
residency of only 24 hours!  Once you decide to “take the plunge’” and are ready to share your
Bahamas Wedding & Event with family and friends, we invite you to enjoy the award winning
services of CALYPSO WEDDINGS as your personal Wedding Planner.

So, go ahead,
use our services and see why CALYPSO WEDDINGS is a “name that you can
trust” for the most pressing results, one wedding at a time!  

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P. O. Box N-1843
NASSAU, Bahamas.
P. O. Box N-1843
NASSAU, Bahamas.
P. O. Box N-1843
NASSAU, Bahamas.